MMM Press Authors & the 2008 poetry prize winner reading at Roosevelt University during AWP Chicago, Feb. 2009

updated 03/26/2009


Silkie at MMM Press


Feeding the Fear of the Earth at MMM Press



invisible sister at MMM Press



Brodeur at MMM Online


mp3s of the entire reading

(to listen to the whole reading, it may be easiest to download them all into one file so that your media player can play all of them)

1. Intro to the MMM Reading in the Gage Gallery at Roosevelt University (0:36 by Jeffrey Ethan Lee)

2. Intro to Anne-Marie Cusac (1:52 by Jeffrey Ethan Lee)

3. Anne-Marie Cusac introduces Silkie (3:15)

4. Wild Enough (2:35 recited by Cusac)

5. Silkie Song (1:06 recited by Cusac)

6. Dulsie Sleeps (2:21 recited by Cusac)

7. Economics Lesson (1:31 recited by Cusac)

8. Theft (1:59 recited by Cusac)



9. Needle (0:53 recited by Cusac)

10. Tunnel (3:12 recited by Cusac)

11. shooting the dog (4:20 recited by Cusac)

12. Intro to Patrick Lawler (1:52 by Jeffrey Ethan Lee)

13. Dearest Akim (11:19 recited by Lawler)

14. Patrick Lawler Reads Poetry at the Gage Gallery (6:49 recited by Lawler)

15. Intro to Jeffrey Ethan Lee (2:18 by Patrick Lawler)

16. The Poet's Mother's Deathbed Conversion (2:49 recited by Lee)

17. Sex Ed Blues (2:03 recited by Lee)

18. peace valley elementary school during the vietnam war (5:43 recited by Lee)

19. Intro to Brian Brodeur (0:45 by Jeffrey Ethan Lee)

20. Brian Brodeur reading (12:18 recited by Brodeur)