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                                                                      Renato Rosaldo


Ghazal of Unforeseen Love

Nobody knew the joy of your curving thigh,
the dark petunias resting on your pelvis, I sigh.

No one knew the orange butterfly your chuckle
and oblique glance have held captive, I sigh.

For three nights I savor the contours
your back and belly, a delicacy, I sigh.

To see you naked is to remember earth
smooth without horses, sesame in honey, I sigh.

To see you naked is to know restless rain
making moist the form of your waist, I sigh.

A luminous mint and cinnamon breeze
strokes my tongue and wrists.

Sounds trace letters, the pledge of a tattoo
etched in devotion, por vida, I sigh.

I offer my name, Renato, reborn, my being
yours, wind gusts from the cedars, I sigh.