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The February 2009 short play of the month online is Roller Coaster, by Kayla Cagan

Production History:

2008—Love(d) in Four Shorts—Four Plays by Kayla Cagan; October 2008; New York, NY.

Produced by Wingspan Arts; Directed by Jessica Bashline; With Tyler Gattoni as Marc and Danielle Beckman as Cynthia.

2007—Sam French Short Plays Festival; June 2007; New York, NY. Produced by Three Graces Theater Company; Directed by Kelli Lynn Harrison; With Uys du Buisson as Marc, and Meghan Miller as Cynthia.

2006—Three Graces Spring Shorts; Summer 2006; New York, NY. Directed by Kelli Lynn Harrison; With Ryan Burke as Marc, and Cathy McNellis as Cynthia.

2004—Lil Pervs: Short Sharp Shots of Love; February 2004; New York, NY. Produced by Imua! Theatre Company; Directed by Lydia Radziul; With Brian Nemiroff as Marc, and Beth Collins as Cynthia.

2003-2004—Your Consideration Art Series; June 2003, New York, NY. Produced by Tex in the City; Directed by Meredith Lucio; With Kevin Interdonato as Marc, and Julie Ann McMillian as Cynthia.




A modest American Living Room.



Cynthia, 20, the older sister to Marc.

Marc, 18, the younger brother to Cynthia

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