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Jim Feast and Ron Kolm
     Unbearables Introduction

Dorothy Friedman August
     Angel, Thug, Glance

Steve Dalachinsky
     Tongues of Light & Darkness (the Boy King)

Janice Eidus
     Lament Written in My High School Diary When I Was Too Young to Understand
     Virgin Islands

Jim Feast
     Apeman & Banzai

Bonny Finberg
     And All the Rest Divine

Ron Kolm
     Fate Conspires the Perfect Joke

Richard Kostelanetz
     (Complete) Shorter Stories (2010)

Minter Krotzer
     The Voyage Across the Room
     Jersey Shore Rite Aid

Michael La Bombarda
     Saturn Devouring His Son

Tsaurah Litzky
     A New Soul

Joe Maynard
     Movie Idea

Yuko Otomo

Jill Rapaport
     Baby Tawmy

Tom Savage
     The Hottest P1ace in the World

Susan Scutti

Hal Sirowitz
     The Big S
     Livelier Eyes
     Bless You
     The Ear

     How to Be a Writer

George Spencer
     Writer’s Block #3
     River of Alligators

Carl Watson
     on turning one hundred centuries old
     chaos and old night walk into a bar
     the inconvenience of the threshold

Carol Wierzbicki

Susan L. Yung