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George Spencer

The river was full of alligators. And the swamps. That’s where they live. Next door is a shoe store. It sells cured skin on heels. That’s true. The sun is out. Not true. The snow is deep in December. Maybe. You can hear them in the music school. Not just scales but tunes also. The paper went on about rogue cops. So what else is new? The zoo is closed on Monday to clean up after weekend visitors. The monkeys laugh. Noah’s Ark. Did he get his instructions wrong? Fill the boat with birds, snakes, rhinos, turtles, wife and kids. Then Noah decided to start a dynasty. All his nuclear family. Should have left them behind. Re-imagine history. O, evolution. Then came the big drums and the little piccolos. What a parade! The animals are landing on dry green earth. Blood-hungry are the two-footed hunters.


George Spencer is the publisher/editor of the hard copy/Internet zine He does the interviews on the Poetry Thin Air cable show and produces the multimedia show The Arts(Performing)@ Tribes. Recent poems/fiction are in Evergreen Review, Adirondack Review, Spinozablue, Fieralingue (Italy), Retort (Australia), 63 Channels, House Organ and Moria. His chapbooks Screw the Muses and The Obscene Richness of Our Times were published by Reason on the Run Press, Quito, Ecuador. Unpious Pilgrim, was published by Fly By Night Press in 2011.

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