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Hal Sirowitz

God is listening,
Mother said. Sometimes

I think He’s one big ear.
If He’s not listening to you

directly, then He’s doing
it indirectly—hears others

talking about you. Therefore,
if you don’t want Him to know

your business, then you not
only have to shut your mouth,

but you have to withdraw from society.

Hakim Bey once called Hal Sirowitz the most bearable of the Unbearables. He's the author of four books of poetry—Mother Said, My Therapist Said (Crown/Random House), Father Said, and Before, During & After (Soft Skull)—with a fifth one forthcoming from Backwaters Press in Nebraska. Ron Kolm, the undeclared guiding light of the Unbearables, was the first one to publish him in book form.

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