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Yuko Otomo

Thinking of what has to be done,
a man falls from a chair.

At that instant,
he wakes up.

When life's philosophy becomes
comical to this extent,

You strangely become nostalgic
for the materiality of what/who you are.

In the afternoon light,
things which have to be done
stand still.

Yuko Otomo is a Japanese bilingual poet and a visual artist. She also writes haiku, art criticism and essays. Her publications include Small Poems, The Hand of The Poet (both from Ugly Duckling Presse), A Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of Museum (Propaganda Press) and Fragile (Sisyphus Press). Her latest book is Study, (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2013). She has exhibited her art work at Court House Gallery @ Anthology Film Archives, Vision Festival, Tribes Gallery and elsewhere.

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