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A New Soul

Tsaurah Litzky

So far February has been cold,
the river outside my window frozen over,
but I can still watch, behind the Statue of Liberty
the open sea, flowing out to Africa,
last night I saw the jubilation in Egypt on TV,
this morning my coffee smells like chocolate
andtheres honey on my toast,
ideologies are too easily corrupted,
freedom never grows old,
I feel like I got a new soul this morning
a new soul.

Tsaurah Litzky feels she is privileged to be a poet and her best work is ahead of her. She has published fourteen poetry chapbooks, two major poetry collections, Baby on the Water (Long Shot Press, 2003) and Cleaning the Duck (Bowery Books, 2011) as well as her memoir, Flasher, published by Audible Books as an audio book. Flasher was also published as an e-book for Kindle by Long Shot Press.

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