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The Poisoning


          T.M. De Vos


I awoke in your house,
a pathogen sneaking in the pipes,
program in me like a glowing core.

All was alien to me, innocent,
the plasmas trying to flush me out.
This is what I do: force my own disorder
into a system, almost helpless.

My barbs catch, and the cylinder is delivered
gently as a capsule at the bank,
contents printed in faint type.
Under the pewter sheath,
there is only the simple mechanic
of hinge and chute,
a mouth over the receptive part of a body,
its swampy cells a junkyard
full of parts to remake me.
I am raising myself in a small army,
they hook with their cannon mouths,
unstaking great tents of tissue.
They have no generations,
they have no parents;
they infest, stuck and armored,
and run you ragged, cracked heads leaking code.


Bio: T.M. De Vos is author of Cimmeria, a poetry collection forthcoming from Cervena Barva Press, and co-editor-in-chief of Gloom Cupboard, where she curates “The New Xo?o?o,” an interview series profiling Eastern European authors. Her work has appeared in burntdistrict, Quiddity, the Hawaii Pacific Review, the Wordrunner Press eChapbook series, Painted Bride Quarterly, Pedestal, HOBART, Dossier Journal, the Saint Ann’s Review, and The Los Angeles Review. She was a semifinalist for both the 2012 Sozopol Fiction Seminars and the Paumanok Poetry Award. De Vos was awarded a Summer Literary Seminars fellowship for the 2012 session in Vilnius, Lithuania, a Cullman Center fellowship at the New York Public Library, and a Hopwood Award from the University of Michigan.

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