Congratulations to the winner of the 2008 MMM Press Poetry Book Contest, Rebecca Foust's All That Gorgeous Pitiless Song

Rebecca Foust’s chapbooks, Dark Card and Mom’s Canoe, won the 2007 and 2008 Robert Phillips Poetry Prizes and were published by Texas Review Press in 2008 and 2009. Her recent poetry appears or is forthcoming in Atlanta Review, Hudson Review, Margie, North American Review, Spoon River and elsewhere. Recently retired from her work as an advocate and political organizer for parents of students with autism and other learning disorders, she is in her final semester in the MFA program for writers at Warren Wilson College.

We owe many thanks to our final judge, the great poet and editor Steven Huff and to all of the editors who helped to anonymously read and reread the hundreds of mss. Thanks to Erik Nilsen, Debra Bokur, and Brian Heston, and thanks to editorial assistants and interns Sarah Heady, Amy Bauer, and Sam Corbo. All of the mss. had at least two readers, including me. And many of them had three and even more readers, in some cases. As always, we strive to give every ms. a very fair hearing. We had a very large number of strong mss. again. We want to thank all of the writers who sent in their work.

We are also planning to contact many of the contest entrants, especially the finalists and semifinalists, to invite them to submit to the MMM literary journal.

The runner up was:

People Are Tiny in Paintings of China by Cynthia King


The other finalist mss. titles were:

Dead Wendy

Even Bullets Have Faces

The Smaller Half





The semifinalists titles were:

A History of Glass

Beautiful Monsters



Bruise Journey

Casa Marina

Children of Interrogation

Elegy for my Brother Who Won't Mind if I Say This



Entering the Labyrinth

Every Day Comes To You Naked


Gesture Against Surrender


Ice and Fire

If You Have Ghosts

Improbable Music


In the Circle of the Familiar

Killing the Nurse in the House



Oracle Bones

Petroglyph Americana

Poems for the Blind Pig

Prometheus in Akron


Southern Shores

Swaying on the Elephant’s Shoulders

The Blue Sky that Follows Me

The Rival

The Six O'clock Siren

The Stranger Dissolves

Tree, Salt, Sea

Walking in Chicago with a Suitcase in My Hand

You Are Here




2008 Many Mountains Moving Poetry & Flash Fiction Contest Winners:


Congratulations to Laura Loomis for the winning flash fiction, "The Sign." This story will be featured in MMM Vol. X.

The Runner-up was "Sequins and Holes" by Maureen O'Brien.

Finalists, sorted by titles in alphabetical order:

"Here Is Mt. Vesuvius"

"How We Gentrified Lincoln Park"

"Now That There Is Hope There Is No Time"


Congratulations to Brian Brodeur for the winning poem, "The Clearing." This poem will be featured in MMM Vol. X.


Poetry Contest Finalists, sorted by titles in alphabetical order: [01/24/2009]

"Car Stealer" by Susan Deer Cloud

"Spring" by Sarah Zale

"The East Enders" by John Jeffire

"The Good Soldier" by John Jeffire

"Unknowable Nocturne" by Mark Wagenaar

{All entries were read anonymously by the first reader, all other readers, and the final judge.}

Semifinalist titles, sorted by titles in alphabetical order:

"After Inebriation My Feelings Turn Frosty"
"A New Kind of Breathing"
"As Overheard in Bars, Backyards"
"Honour Roll"
"I stroll into your apartment"
"Long Occupation"
"Mad with Fear"
"Ode to O Holy Nights in Liberty, New York"
"String Theories"
"Swallowing Light"
"When we were both still in it"